Frequently Asked Questions.

DigTribute (Digital Tribute to Distribute), helps Kickstart New and Review Launched in market Earth-Friendly products and services. Our customers earn points for their reviews which can be redeemed for gift cards. We hope to create a Win-Win-Win platform for customers, businesses and Earth.
We are creating crowdsourced platform for customers to rate the Earth friendliness of Eco-Friendly products and Sustainable services. We understand that not all products and services currently used by us can be eco-friendly, reusable or can be recycled. We hope to encourage usage, purchase for the more Earth friendly product or service by providing a platform for everyone to rate these products and recommend them.
DigTribute only collects data regarding Customers review of products and services regarding earth friendliness. For that data Customers are given points which can be redeemed for Gift cards of Businesses. Customers are given the option to remain anonymous on DigTribute site by using a DigTribute pen name.
DigTribute helps promote the eco-friendly products and services of Businesses. Customers can also redeem points for Gift Cards of the the businesses that advertise through DigTribute.